CMC members David Palma and Stephane Hess attended the Interdisciplinary Choice Workshop in Santiago, Chile, this week. David gave two presentations whilst Stephane gave a keynote entitled “From brainwaves to utilities: what can choice modellers learn from neuroscience and mathematical psychology?”
CMC member Stephane Hess was recently hosted by METRANS Transportation Center and the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics at the University of Southern California, where he presented “From behaviour to data to models and back again: where next for understanding and predicting human decision-making?” and discussed collaborations in health research.
Over a year has passed since the memorable fifth International Choice Modelling Conference (ICMC), organised in Cape Town by Mark Zuidgeest and Hazvinei Moyo. If you couldn’t make it to Cape Town or just want to refresh your memories, have a look at our ICMC 2017 report We are now looking forward to ICMC 2019, which…
Following on from the end of IATBR-2018, several members of CMC attended a workshop held in honour of Daniel McFadden. Several leading choice modellers from across the world presented their latest work, including CMC’s Stephane Hess, who presented “Homo economicus vs the reptilian brain: insights from mathematical psychology and neuroscience” and also Chiara Calastri, who presented “Using ubiquitous data…
Several members of CMC attended and presented work at the 15th international conference on travel behaviour research (IATBR-2018). In this photo along with members of CMC are three leading experts of our field; Daniel McFadden, Moshe Ben-Akiva and Kenneth Train.
  CMC are delighted to announce that Chiara Calastri, former PhD student and current postdoc at CMC, has been announced as the winner of the 2017 Eric Pas Dissertation Competition. Her thesis, “Capturing and modelling complex decision-making in the context of travel, time use and social interactions” is available to read here.
10 Leeds based CMC members attended the 97th Transportation Research Meeting in Washington, D.C. in January 2018. The Leeds members of CMC were authors on a total of 17 presentations and posters presented at the conference.
The Choice Modelling Centre (CMC) at the University of Leeds has developed flexible estimation code for choice models in R. The code uses the complete opposite of a black-box approach, i.e. the user sees every step in the coding of a log-likelihood function. We believe this to be essential in ensuring a greater understanding by…
17 Leeds based CMC members attended the 5th International Choice Modelling Conference in Cape Town in April 2017 (pictured together here). The Leeds members of CMC alone were authors on 25 of the 164 papers presented at the conference, and there were a further 16 papers by our affiliate members.