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CMC members attend ICMC 2024


Members of CMC attended the International Choice Modelling Conference (ICMC) last week in Puerto Varas, Chile. We presented/co-authored 16 presentations, with the full list given below.


Paper title Authors (CMC members in bold) Links to slides
Investigating the effect of imputing trip purposes in a trip generation model Azam Ali, Ellen Flaata, Trude Torset, Stephane Hess, Charisma Choudhury Slides
Are influences on transaction timing and type choice decisions on electric cars jointly or independently made? A study for the UK Lawrence A. Alongu, Gerard de Jong, Zia Wadud, Thomas O Hancock Slides
Incorporating the inertia effect into a route choice model using fare transaction data from a large-scale public transport network Jacqueline G Arriagada Fernandez, Carlo Prato,  Marcela Munizaga Slides
Capturing travel behaviour change over time in the absence of panel data Victor Cantillo Garcia, Chiara Calastri, Haiyan Liu, Stephane Hess Slides
Causal determinants of car ownership decisions Panagiotis Tsoleridis, Charisma Choudhury, Stephane Hess  Slides
An integrated choice and latent variable decision field theory model linking preferential choice responses and thinking patterns Thomas O Hancock, Fangqing Song, Charisma Choudhury, Stephane Hess Slides
An extended MDC model for simultaneous allocation of time and expenditure David E Palma, Sebastián Astroza, Juan Antonio Carrasco Slides
Detecting preference spillovers: application of choice models to the analysis of CO2 reducing behaviour and environmental donations Gloria Amaris, Stepan Vesely, Stephane Hess Slides
BGW: A (Apollo-compatible) numerically e icient (aka “fast”) and reliable maximum likelihood estimation package for choice models, with well-characterized stopping diagnostics David S Bunch,  Stephane Hess, David E Palma Slides
Time-Use and Value of Time under Heterogeneous Activity Participation: Latent Class Application for Activity Mix Choice Pablo Reyes-Polanco, Sebastian Astroza, Juan Antonio Carrasco, David E Palma Slides
Get me out of this hole: a profile likelihood approach to avoiding poor local optima Stephane Hess, David S Bunch, Andrew Daly Slides
A Novel Approach for Optimizing Healthcare Message Effectiveness Tim Deckman, Stephane Hess, Kevin Shaney Slides
Understanding the decision-making process of discrete choice modellers: one database but many workflows Gabriel Nova, Sander Van Cranenburgh, Stephane Hess Slides
That Seems Relatively Important! The not so simple question of what matters most to respondents when making a choice Matthew J Beck, Michiel Bliemer, Stephane Hess Slides
Avoiding fake news: building a toolkit to identify bots and coached respondents in stated preference surveys Ludwig von Butler, Ben White, Stephane Hess, Julie L Sebastian Slides
Combining Sources of Preference Data: A Latent Variable Formulation Using the Factor-Analytic Form of Mixed Logit Thomas J Magor, Fangqing Song, Leonard Coote, Stephane Hess Slides