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ICMC 2021 mini online conference


Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the following speakers for our ICMC online event, which will be hosted on Zoom. Please sign up here -

We hope to you there!

Stephane & Erlend

Time Topic Speaker Title
Monday 24th of May (all times are BST) 
12.00 - 13.00 Retail preferences Tomás Rossetti [1]
(Cornell University)
Analyzing COVID-19 customer behavior in retail environments
Adrian Meister [2]
(ETH Zurich)
In-store or online grocery shopping before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
13.00 - 13.15 Break
13.15 - 14.15 Moral choices Mesfin Genie [3]
(University of Aberdeen)
Me versus we: what do moral attitudes tell us about public preferences for lockdown measures?
Aemiro Melkamu Daniel [4]
(Delft University of Technology)
Self-interest motives, positional concerns and distributional considerations in individual decision-making
14.15 - 14.30 Break
14.30 - 15.30 Risk and travel Thijs van de Wiel [5]
(Delft University of Technology)
Impacts of COVID-19 Risk Perceptions on Train Travel Decisions: A Hierarchical Information Integration Analysis
Vicente Iglesias [6]
(Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
Effect of pandemic COVID-19 on transport mode choice, case of Santiago-Chile.
Friday 28th of May (all times are BST) 
12.00 - 13.00 Vaccine choice Stephane Hess [7]
(University of Leeds)
COVID-19 vaccination preferences: a unique international comparison using stated choice surveys across 18 countries/territories and six continents
John Rose [8]
(University of Technology Sydney)
Are Preferences for Covid Vaccines Normally Distributed? No, not normally…
13.00 - 13.15 Break
13.15 - 14.15 Public preferences Joe Mitchell-Nelson [9]
(University of Oregon)
Unexpected effects of national social insurance on support for county-level health policies: Evidence from a choice experiment
José Ignacio Hernández [10]
(Delft University of Technology)
Citizen preferences for relaxing COVID-19 lockdown measures in the Netherlands: evidence from two choice experiments.
14.15 - 14.30 Break
14.30 - 16.00 Long distance Sara Khoeini [11]
(Arizona State University)
A Latent Variable Structural Equations Model of Expected Change in US Air Travel after the COVID-19 Pandemic
Attitudes Camila Balbontin [12]
(University of Sydney)
Advanced modelling of commuter choice model and work from home during COVID-19 restrictions in Australia
Rico Krueger [13]
(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Change in activity and travel behaviour of London Underground users during and post COVID-19 pandemic

Full list of authors:
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[2] Adrian Meister, Caroline Winkler, Basil Schmid, Kay W. Axhausen
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