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ACTUM aims to make a step change in developing and implementing activity based models in Europe. The objective is to develop a new decision support methodology for transport policy evaluation. We aim to design an instrument able to evaluate sustainable transport policies that need a balance between guaranteeing mobility and reducing transport externalities (e.g., CO2 emissions). The methodology is a novel disaggregate person- and household-based, activity-based framework. We will explore new techniques for the efficient collection of data about activity (and hence travel) patterns through the use of individual GPS data loggers and in-depth interviews to provide a better understanding and prediction of how restrictions within daily activity patterns influence the travel pattern. It is also an ambition to identify how changes in the transport system may influence the activity pattern, for example how improved accessibility may generate positive effects in terms of labour market changes and working hours. Such effects are overlooked in the existing decision support methodologies in Denmark

CMC members involved: Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess, Richard Batley