10 Leeds based CMC members attended the 97th Transportation Research Meeting in Washington, D.C. in January 2018. The Leeds members of CMC were authors on a total of 17 presentations and posters presented at the conference.
The Choice Modelling Centre (CMC) at the University of Leeds has developed flexible estimation code for choice models in R. The code uses the complete opposite of a black-box approach, i.e. the user sees every step in the coding of a log-likelihood function. We believe this to be essential in ensuring a greater understanding by…
17 Leeds based CMC members attended the 5th International Choice Modelling Conference in Cape Town in April 2017 (pictured together here). The Leeds members of CMC alone were authors on 25 of the 164 papers presented at the conference, and there were a further 16 papers by our affiliate members.
At ICMC 2017 in Cape Town, CMC student Thomas Hancock was awarded the best student-led paper for his paper “Decision field theory- improvements to current methodology and contrasts with standard choice modelling techniques,” written with supervisors and fellow CMC members Stephane Hess and Charisma Choudhury.
In January, CMC members enjoyed their annual retreat to the Yorkshire Dales along with former PhD student James Fox and visiting CMC collaborator Marek Giergiczny. As well as discussing important current topics in choice modelling, some of us enjoyed a foggy walk up Buckden Pike.