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CMC Workshop - Choices in dynamic environments

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 09:00-12:00
ITS Seminar Room 1.11

The Choice Modelling Centre is hosting a 'Choices in dynamic environments' workshop, with guest speakers Joerg Rieskamp (University of Basel) and Nathan Evans (University of Amsterdam).

Modelling decisions in dynamic choice contexts, where the decision maker has to make a single or a series of choices in a changing scenario (e.g. driving manoeuvres, housing, route choice, investment decisions, etc.) is much more challenging than in static scenarios. It is therefore unsurprising that modellers from different backgrounds (i.e. economists, mathematical psychology, neuroscience) have developed very different models for accounting for such behaviour. What is more surprising is the lack of a bridge between these disciplines.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together choice modellers and mathematical psychologists to discuss these different methodological approaches, and how they might be bridged. The format of the workshop will be as follows:

Morning: A series of short seminars (detailed below).
Room 1.11, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Afternoon: An open discussion on future directions for modelling dynamic choices.

All are welcome, but please let us know which parts of the workshop you would like to attend by completing the following form:


09:00-09:45 Joerg Rieskamp
"Violations of independence in experienced-based decision making"

09:45-10:30 Nathan Evans
"The role of passing time in decision-making"

10:30-11:15 Thomas Hancock
"A decision field theory model for dynamic data"

11:15-12:00 Jan Broekaert
"The dynamical evolution of belief states in decision making under uncertainty in Markov and Quantum-like approaches."

Guest speakers:
Joerg Rieskamp is the Head of Center for Economic Psychology at the University of Basel. His research interests include decision making under risk and uncertainty and sequential sampling models of decision making.

Nathan Evans is a postdoc at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam. His research interests include cognitive modelling, theory comparison and bayesian methods.

CMC speakers:

Thomas Hancock is a now a postdoc at CMC having recently completed his PhD thesis. His main area of interest is in bridging the gap between choice modelling and mathematical psychology.

Jan Broekaert joined CMC in September as a research fellow. His core research interest is the development of time evolution models for cognitive belief-action states.